Reception and Book signing for Dr. Dorothy I. Height

February 20th, 2004

The California African American Museum

The evening will be a lovely tribute to Dr. Height and her legacy of
leadership in human rights....from protesting lynchings in the early
40's; to her presence on stage with MLK, Jr. at the 1963 March on
Washington; to mobilizing for the UN Conferences on Women in Cairo and
Bejing she has faithfully stood her watch. If, for whatever reason, you
were not there, let us not miss an opportunity to appreciate one upon
whose shoulders we stand.

J. Rosalynn Smith Clark, Opera Noir, will perform and Paula Madison,
President and GM of KNBC will engage Dr. Height in conversation about
experiences in her memoir, "Open Wide the Freedom Gates". P'Shaw's
Bistro is catering a fabulous soulful meal and the Museum will keep open
the Brown v. Board of Education Exhibit. At age 92, Dr. Height still
engages in spirited conversation about the role of women in the civil
rights movement; the challenges of leadership in today's social
environment; her relatioships with US Presidents and icons like Mary
McCloud Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dr. Height's book will be available at the Museum but we encourage you
to buy it early at your favorite book store - all of the events on the
tour have sold out of books. The museum now has new and very accessible
undergroud parking - so don't let the weather keep you away.

Please RSVP to the Museum so they'll know how many chairs
etc. will be needed. The number is 213-744-2056.


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