The First Weekend Club was established in March 1997 as a financial advocate for films by and featuring African Americans in positive and fully dimensional roles. Since 1998, club membership has increased to more than 35,000 filmgoers, with chapters in Chicago, Dallas, Sacramento, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

First Weekend Club members pledge to support movies
by and featuring blacks in prominent roles on the first weekend
of release, and promise to encourage 10 other filmgoers to do the same.

"We don't say 'you're watching the wrong movie,'" says Sandra Evers-Manly, BHERC founder/president. "Instead, we advocate broadening the types of movies people go to see. We need to develop a better understanding about the images that influence opinions about African Americans and other people of color, worldwide."

Contact: BHERC Office 310 284-3170 24 hour line: 323 957-4747
email: join@firstweekendclub.org

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