Let's talk about SEX! An intimate screening and dialog


Saturday Nov. 6, 2004
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Raleigh Studios - 5300 Melrose Ave.

Ticket Prices:
All day pass = $25
Single show = $5
(show w/out dialog runs again Sun. Nov. 7, 10am).

BHERC is going to push the envelope with this look at the BEAUTY of black sexuality. Images of sex in the black community have been viewed in very negative terms. Images such as prostitution, rape, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, men on the "Down Low", extra-marital affairs and AIDS. This showcase will make an attempt to dispell all of the negative stereotypes as it relates to Blacks and Sexuality. This screening will be followed by a discussion on black sexuality and its affect with Clinical Psychologist & Relationship expert Dr. Chrystal Evans. Films will include documentaries and narratives on female sexuality, homosexuality, sexual fantasies and much, much more. (films are of a sexual nature and may exhibit some nudity, and adult themes)

Films will include:

Magaly Colimon - Yes Madame!
Sandye Wilson - notsoprivate
Patrick Ian-Polk - Noah's Ark
Pstola - The Adventures of Aaron Willows in Cyberspace

Dr. Chrystal Evans - Moderator
A graduate of Howard University and Pepperdine University, Dr. Chrystal Elizabeth Evans is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over10 years experience providing therapy for adults, couples, teens & children with problems such as: family relationships; depression; addictions; sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues, adjustment to various life stages and
crises; and severe emotional disturbance. Additionally, Dr. Evans also works with patients suffering from manic depression; HIV & AIDS related issues; anxiety disorder; rape & molestation; schizophrenia; post traumatic stress and personality disorders. Dr. Evans has also served as a consultant for several reality television shows for the ABC and UPN, and as a script consultant for Lifetime Television. Dr. Evans currently works at Hillsides
Family Center in Pasadena, California, as Director of Intensive In-Home Services.

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