Sistas are Doin' it for Themselves - Program

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Doors open - 2:00 pm
Admission - $10.00
Raleigh Studios - 650 Bronson Ave - Los Angeles, California
(Melrose Ave. across from Paramount Studios)
Chaplin Screening Room
RSVP - 323/957-4747 (seating is limited)

Apt. A - 10 Min.
Chronicles the lives of three sisters immediately following the 9/11 attacks as they await word about their missing father. The father and one sister both left home for the towers that morning but only one has made it back so far. With their dad potentially gone, the girls must now deal with what is left of their lives, including a manic depressive mother, an overbearing older sister and unsaid truths. Set against the backdrop of that tragic day.

Michelle S. Baxter - Director
Nkechi Okoro - Writer

Michelle S. Baxter
Michelle began her professional career in the fashion world as a Production Manager and Consultant for Gap, Inc. Michelle left Gap to obtain her MFA in Film Producing from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program. Michelle holds a B.A. in History and Theater Arts from Princeton University, an Associate's Degree from the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and a MFA in Film Producing from USC.

Nkechi Okoro
Nkechi Okoro is a vibrant, Meisner trained actress, writer and producer. Originally hailing from Nigeria, Nkechi was born in New York and grew up all over the world. Nkechi began writing in 2001 after becoming very frustrated with the lack of quality roles for women of color.

Spin - 30 Min.
Once one of L.A.'s top publicists is a woman who could spin any story to the benefit of her clients and to the detriment of her enemies. Her whole world changed the day she met JAMES. Alex was sprung. Joining forces, they set out to write the next NY Time's Bestseller. Two days before a big press conference, there is a horrible betrayal. In the end, Alex comes to awful realization that every lie has a consequence and no matter how much you spin the truth, you can't change it.


Tamika Lamison - Director
Camille Tucker, Keta Brown & Sheilah Brooks - Co-Writers

Tamika Lamison
Tamika Lamison graduated from The American University's Department of Performing Arts, went on tour and moved to New York where she co-starred in the award winning Off Broadway revival of "For Colors Girls." directed by it's author Ntozake Shange.

While living in New York, Tamika was determined to translate her love of the written word into a cinematic medium. After winning the Gordon Parks Indie film award and $10,000.00 for her first screenplay she enrolled in and graduated from The New York Film Academy where she was able to experiment in a controlled environment and gain knowledge of the nuts and bolts of film making.

Keta Brown
Growing up in Compton, Keta graduated with honors from historical Black college, Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee where she received a B.S. in Fine Arts. Following graduation, a "tour of duty" as a segment producer for various community shows and commercials on local cable, lead Keta to produce the home video for "Ziggy Marley Live in Concert at The Universal Amphitheater."

Camille Tucker
Camille Tucker wrote her first poem at the age of 11 and she has been in love with words ever since. Growing up in Compton, CA, Camille has always had strong influences in politics, literature, education, art, charity and community. A graduate of UCLA with a degree in English/Creative Writing, Camille's first job in the Entertainment Industry was as a runner at Walt Disney Studios. In 1992, along with her former writing and producing partner, Kim Greene-Williams. Presently, Camille is President of Production of Pneuma Entertainment, LLC. Pneuma is an independent production company and screenwriting consulting firm.

Beyond the Pretty Door - 18 Min.
Reese Turner was nearly twelve-years-old before she realized that worthless slut was not her middle name. She and her siblings had to endure the misery and late night tirades of their manic depressant mother. Reese, Angel, and Joey had no choice but to find solace in each other. However, they quickly discovered that their lives were anything but normal. Does anyone really know what happens Beyond the Pretty Doors?


Bobby Boermans - Director
Renee McClellan - Writer
Khadija A. Brockington - Producer

Renee McClellan
A Chicago native, Renee has made the transition from stage and screen acting to writing, directing and producing film projects. A graduate of Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production, she also has an MFA in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute. Currently a Long Beach, California resident, Renee produces a children's talkshow, ASK AURI, which received the LB Award for Best Children's Talkshow in 2004.

Khadija A. Brockington
A native of Philadelphia, PA, Khadija earned a Bachelors of Arts in Africana Studies at University of Pittsburgh. She also has her MFA in Producing from The American Film Institute. Upon graduation she created culturally relevant media at MEE Production Inc. Currently in Los Angels, California, Khadija continues to produce commercials and PSAs for non-profit public health/socially responsible organizations.

Pariah - 28 Min.
A Bronx lesbian teenager juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from friends and family, but
pressure from home, school, and within corrodes the line between her dual personas with explosive consequences.


Dee Rees - Writer/Director
A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Dee Rees is a graduate of New York University's graduate film program and has written and directed several short films including ORANGE BOW, which screened at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.  Her most recent film, PARIAH was awarded NYU's highest honor-- the 1st Prize King Award for Excellence in Filmmaking and premiered at the 2007 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. Dee worked as a script supervision intern on Spike Lee's films "When The Levees Broke" and "Inside Man". Dee holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and slaved away at three different, successively more soul-crushing FORTUNE 500 companies in a far, far distant former life.

Drawing Angel - 19 Min.
Lonely and new to the city, Samantha meets Levi, a nine-year-old boy displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Rosalyn Coleman Williams - Director
Craig T. Williams - Writer

Rosalyn is the director of the award winning short film ALLERGIC TO NUTS written by husband Craig and partner Craig T. Williams. ALLERGIC TO NUTS has been seen on several TV stations nationally and screened in over 50 film festivals in the US and around the world.

In 2002, with her husband Craig Rosalyn formed Red Wall Productions, a film Production Company. Rosalyn has created and directed over fifty film projects. Including industrials, promo videos, educational videos and actor demo reels.
Rosalyn is a member of New York Women in Film and Television, the East Coast Writers Collective and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio.

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