Sistas are Doin' it for Themselves - Program

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Doors open - 2:00 pm
Admission - $10.00
Raleigh Studios - 650 Bronson Ave - Los Angeles, California
(Melrose Ave. across from Paramount Studios)
Chaplin Screening Room
RSVP - 323/957-4747 (seating is limited)

- Moderator -

Vanessa Williams


This beautiful and talented actress singer director, is a performer who always delivers. From her memorable performance in the cult classic film New Jack to her sexy no nonsense portrayal of Maxine Chadway in the Showtime and BET television series Soul Food, Vanessa Williams is magic guaranteed.

Born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn New York she became a member of the New York City Opera's Children's Chorus at age 11. After graduating from New York's famed High School of Performing Arts she earns a Bachelor's degree in theatre and business from Marymount Manhattan College.

Vanessa arrives in LA in '91, "just to check it out." She makes her west coast move official and becomes one of the stars in the Fox TV hit Melrose Place. She earns a Daytime Emmy Nomination for her extraordinary work in Our America a Showtime original movie directed by Ernest Dickerson. As hot mama, Maxine Chadway, in the hit Showtime series Soul Food, Vanessa secures the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.
As filmmaker, Vanessa, wrote, directed and produced the short film, DENSE, which aired on Showtime Television and is a favorite among film festival goers.

..:: Featured Films ::..

Yesterday's Today - 15 Min.
Kendra, an intelligent 8th grader calls on her best friend, Rashad to help her with her science project. After having a brief disagreement, Kendra and Rashad quickly call a truce. The following day, Kendra comes home to find saddening news, that Rashad had been killed. Although she does not get a chance to say goodbye, she must decide whether or not to fall apart or try to cope with her loss. A story of a young girl's grieving process after the loss of her closest friend.


Falena Hand - Writer / Director
Falena is a recent graduate of Temple University's Film and Media Arts program and a proud native of North Philadelphia. She was chosen out of many senior film students to complete a short film as her senior thesis. "Yesterday's Today" was Falena's first major directorial debut, and its success amongst community and non-profit organizations has compelled Falena to seek out graduate school to obtain her masters degree in film. Presently Falena is teaching videography classes to inner city youths, seeking out filmmaking opportunities in order to further her knowledge in the field, and writing her second screenplay "Illa DELPH," which is her first feature. Her ultimate goal is to direct mainstream films of all genres, especially those that tell compelling stories.


Fat Girl's Guide to Yoga - 12 Min.
Oversized and with a knack for wise cracks, Wendy turns to yoga to lose weight.
Insecure at first about whether she's cut out for all the bending and balancing, Wendy
is a disastrous combination of self-consciousness and misplaced enthusiasm. She
undergoes a series of challenges, giving audiences a comical glimpse into the skewed
mind of a woman trying to find her "Om."


Tajamika Paxton - Co-Writer / Co-Director
Ms. Paxton's career has included positions in film, television and music.
She was the head of Forest Whitaker's SpiritDance production company for three
years. She was an MTV Films Executive, supervising "The Wood" and serving on the development team for "Election" and "Varsity Blues." She managed acclaimed recording artist Me'Shell Ndegeocello during her Grammy nominated 2nd album and was also an Associate Producer on Star Jones' first TV show. Taj's writing was published in the groundbreaking collection of essays edited by Rebecca Walker entitled What Makes A Man: 21 Writers Envision the Future.

Gregory M. T. Colleton - Co-Writer / Co-Director
Gregory entered Hollywood with "Road to Freaknik," bought by Fox Searchlight for Edmonds Entertainment. "Freaknik" led to rewrite work, developed with producers, artists, and studios in the comedy world. He continues to work closely with the Underground Films production company.

Ties that Bind - 24 Min.
Inspired by the true story of Sandra Daniels, who used abuse to motivate her success. The film looks at how child abuse plagues the adult, threatening their happiness until they are willing to cut "The Ties That Bind."


Angela E. Gibbs - Writer / Director
A native of Detroit, Angela Gibbs attended NYU's intensive Sight and Sound program graduating top of her class before become a directing fellow at the American Film Institute, where she garnered the Mary Pickford scholarship. She studied Theater Arts at Howard University and in 1982, went back to Los Angeles to Co-found Crossroads Arts Academy and Theater with her mother, Marla Gibbs. Currently Gibbs is working on the feature film Hard Knocks, due to go into production late 2007. Whether it's film, television or stage, Angela Gibbs is passionate about the dramatic arts and the potential of its impact on the quality of life for everyone.

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