Sistas are Doin' it for Themselves

A screening and dialog of African American

Women Filmmakers

See Their Images... Hear Their Stories...



These Sistas' will change the way we think of Black Cinema by daring to challenge the stifling conventions of the traditional "Hollywood Black Experience". These Sistas' aren't gonna' wait for the entertainment industry to recognize their talents. They are moving forward. These Sistas' are doin it for themselves!!!


Date: April 18, 2015
Time: 6:00pm


Raleigh Studios - Chaplin Theater
5300 Melrose Avenue (Across from Paramount Studios Melrose & Van Ness)
Los Angeles, California


Admission: $15.00
Parking: $5.00

Purchase Festival Tickets: $15.00


Following the screening there will be a conversation with the filmmakers, giving you an opportunity to ask questions about the making of their films!

Filmmakers & Their Films


Loits Jackson -
P.R. Hawkins: Director

Lotis Jackson, A Young Man and his Dream, is a documentary short that chronicles the daily grind of a young every-man as he pursues his life long dream of being an R&B singer.

Lotus Jackson- Screenshot

Reset -
Arun K. Vir: Director/Writer/Producer

RYLEE, a mixed-race (South-Asian/African-American) woman descends into drug addiction while struggling with her difficult childhood. After entering treatment at a rehab facility, working through issues of identity both physical and emotional, Rylee learns recovery is a life-long process that holds no guarantees.

Reset- Screenshot

Two-A-Days -
April Wilson: Director

Michelle Parker, 15, loves football. She looks up to her father, a former football star. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she decides to try out for the high school football team to the chagrin of her older brother, Stephen, the star quarterback. Throughout tryouts, Michelle and Stephen's relationship is challenged as she learns what it takes to make the team and how to be seen as an equal within her family.

Two A Days- Screenshot

Your Love -
Laila Petrone: Director

In a world where young couples have a hard time juggling family, career and temptation, one young couple takes the time to nurture their partnership and romance. "Your Love" explores a day in the life of James, a young violinist married with children.

Your Love- Screenshot

Diagnosis -
Nia T. Hill: Director/Writer/Executive Producer/Producer

The Diagnosis, a short documentary about Autism that tackles the impact of the disorder on families. The documentary addresses and uncovers the truths about why some Black and Brown children are not receiving the same medical diagnoses or are misdiagnosed. The narratives explore "sadness, strength, joy, and the ultimate hope that binds us all to fight for a better tomorrow."

Diagnosis- Screenshot


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