Sistas are Doin' it for Themselves - Program

Saturday, March 5, 2005
Doors open - 10am - 2pm
Admission - $10.00
Raleigh Studios - 650 Bronson Ave - Los Angeles, California
(Melrose Ave. across from Paramount Studios)
Chaplin Screening Room
RSVP - 323/957-4747 (seating is limited)

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Yvette Freeman - Writer & Director
Thanks to AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, The Blessing Way, Yvette’s first film project has been viewed at numerous film festivals and given the honor of being aired on Showtime’s Black filmmakers Showcase. Her other short films are – “The Making of a Global Village” a documentary about the positive influence of African Dance in a Los Angeles community; “The Confused Toad” and “The Hideous Scream”. As an actress, for the past nine television seasons, Yvette has played the role of Nurse Haleh Adams on the acclaimed dramatic series ER. She also played the funny but slightly evil character of Evelyn Smalley on the NBC sitcom series Working. Yvette has starred in the Broadway, First National, Paris and International companies of “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” Yvette starred in the New York production “Dinah Was,” based on the life of the legendary jazz singer Dinah Washington, and won the 1998 Obie for Best Actress. She also received the NAACP Award, Ovation Award, LA Weekly and a Dramalogue award for her portrayal of Dinah Washington in the Los Angeles production of “Dinah Was.”
Cheryl, a victim of early on set Alzheimer disease has become a burden and a source of frustration for her loving husband Jerry. Desperately needing a break from his care giving duties, Jerry escapes out of the house. Cheryl, alone, loses her tenuous grasp on reality and floats in and out of her past memories. Jerry returns to find her reliving the happiest day of her life and his, their wedding.


Tamika Miller - Writer & Director
A Florida native, Tamika started her career in film after graduating from the prestigious Northwestern University. She began working in commercial and music video production and advanced quickly. At the age of 23, she produced her first commercial. Tamika’s experience and tremendous attention to detail has led to her success as a filmmaker. She has directed several commercial specs, as well as a series of meditation and martial arts instructional videos. She was also chosen to direct and co-produce a short documentary entitled, Released: 5 Shorts on Women in Prison where she interviewed scholar and activist, Angela Davis. Currently the 2005 Showtime Black Filmmaker Showcase Grand Prize Winner, Miller is very proud of her first narrative film, Gift for the Living, starring actress Irma P. Hall (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Soul Food, Ladykillers), with voice over by actress Vanessa Williams (New Jack City, TV series Soul Food).

Miller is currently developing a short narrative that is scheduled to air on the Showtime Cable Network in February 2006.

Gift for the Living
Inspired by the O. Henry short story “Gift of the Magi”, Gift for the Living is a story about a grandmother and her granddaughter who, without the other’s knowledge, sell their most treasured possession in order to buy the other a birthday gift. In the granddaughter’s quest for the perfect gift, she discovers her grandmother’s rich and unique history – a history her grandmother never spoke of. Gift for the Living is a story about love, friendship, loss and sacrifice.

The Black Education and Resource Center was formed in 1996 as a non-profit organization designed to advocate, educate, research, develop and preserve the history, as well as
the future of Blacks in film and television. The BHERC produces, organizes and funds diverse cultural art, film and theater projects in order to capitalize on our rich foundation established in
Hollywood. We not only promote more African Americans as artists, but also have begun a “New Era” in the documentation of African American images.



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