Reel Black Men - 2007 Program


Mickelson Civil - Writer / Director
Mickelson was born in Citè Soleil, Port-au-Prince Haïti and came to America in 1993, when he was fifteen years old. After Mr. Civil graduated high school, he was unable to attend college due to his immigrant status, despite academic and athletic eligibility for a full scholarship. Mickelson's dream was to go to film school and become a director.

Delivering Louverture - 9 Min.
A Young Haitian mother Molerne sacrifices everything she owned to get passage in a boat to the United States with her son, Louverture. In the boat Justin, antagonized her. Things change between the two as they arrive in Miami Beach Florida. They got stop by the United States Coast Guard and chase down by the United States Immigration. They put courageous effort to escape the Coast Guards and save Louverture's life.

Mike Brown - Writer / Director
New York-based filmmaker Mike Brown was raised in the southern town of Petersburg, Virginia. As his father organized local talent shows and his mother videotaped community events, Mike gained a fervent interest in the arts. Later, he left Petersburg to live in the city, Boston, Washingtion, DC, then Los Angeles, and travel abroad to Ghana, Nigeria, and Italy. While in Washington, DC, Mike helped operate, Life Pieces To Masterpieces, an arts center for young males who lived in Lincoln Heights public housing. Also in DC, he attended Howard University and worked closely with filmmakers Bill Duke and Haile Gerima. Soonafter, he would intern on Spike Lee's documentary "When the Levee Broke" in New Orleans.

A Riot in the Dark - 10 Min.
Nasir's world is upturned when he catches his bully in a disturbing situation.
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