African American Film Marketplace Event Schedule
(Saturday, October 20,2007)

Film Screenings @ Chaplin Theater
12:00 p.m. - (Intense)
 2:30p.m. - (Between a Parent and Child)
5:00p.m. - (Written By...)

Film Screenings @ Mary Pickford
Saturday 1:00p.m. - (Going Mental)
Saturday 3:30p.m. - (Social Cinama)
Saturday 6:00p.m. - (Documentary Den)

Film Screenings @ Fairbanks
Saturday 12:30p.m. - (Pride and Prejudice)
Saturday 3:00p.m. - (Directed By...)
Saturday 5:30p.m. (Let's Stay Together)

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A Great Day in Black

Thursday, Oct 18

Opening Night Reception
Friday, Oct 19

AAFM and S.E. Manly

Short Film Festival
Saturday, Oct 20

AAFM and S.E. Manly

Short Film Festival
Sunday, Oct 21

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