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Body of Barbie - 11:40
Chick - 14:19
Behind Closed Eyes - 14:00
Renouncing Angelica - 20:00
Joy In The Morning - 16:57
Sleeping - 23:00

- Locations and Start Time -
Mary Pickford Theater - Sat. 11 - 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Chaplin Theater - Sun. 12 - 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Body Of Barbie

"Body of Barbie"

Damien wakes up the morning after a steamy one-night stand only to find his angry roommate, Imani, standing at his bedside. He begins to tell her the story of how he met a handsome stranger, Brian, and invited him into his car. Damien and Brian make it to Damien's apartment where they get to know each other better. They make it into the bedroom and Damien gives Brian a tour of his vision board. The next morning Damien awakes to find that Brian has stolen his car. Imani can't believe Damien let some smooth talker steal his only form of transportation. The only lesson we learn at the end of this story is that Damien hasn't learned a lesson at all.

Lena Waithe- Writer/Producer/Director
Lena Waithe has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Television Production from Columbia College in Chicago Illinois. She has worked on the production of Girlfriends/CBS Paramount, The Secret Life of Bees/Fox Searchlight Pictures, I Will Follow/Forward Movement Productions, In The Motherhood/ABC Studios, and The Game/BET. Lena is currently working as a Writer and Director at Hillman Grad Productions.



Lisa is a woman disillusioned with her life, as she sets out on a quest to realize what she believes is her destiny to become a superhero.

Kai Soremekun- Writer/Producer/Director
Kai Soremekun began her career as an Actress in New York City. Her many credits include the films Heat, Regarding Henry, and as a series regular role on the Fox television series Medicine Ball.  Her spoken word music video was featured in The Best of Doboy’s at the Pan African Film Festival as well as receiving a Special Acknowledgement Award for Best Film/Video at the International Cinema in Berlin Germany.  Kai was also honored with the Best Director Award for her first narrative short film Maple, and her second narrative short film Lock Her room was selected for Showtime Network’s Black Filmmaker Showcase. Chick is currently being Produced and Directed by Kai as an interactive web series and has received the 2010 Indie Soap Award for best directing.

Behind Closed Eyes

"Behind Closed Eyes"

Jeff Scott finds himself constantly dreaming of the night he killed his wife in a car accident or at least that’s what he convinces himself to believe. He eventually seeks the aid of a Hypnotist to help him find clarity and closure to see if life is really worth living.

Adedapo Akisanya- Writer/Producer/Director
Adedpao Akisanya is an American born Nigerian has written screenplays for ten (10) years.  He has lived in Nigeria and upon returning to the US, he joined the US Marine Corps. He has served in the Gulf War and in Somalia. It was during this time that he found his love for writing. Adedapo later attended Columbia College for writing where he wrote screenplays, Get Money and Broken Drums (both received option agreements). His movie E.S.P has received an award for best film by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago  and has been released worldwide by Loose Canon Films. Adedpao was hired in 2008 by the Chicago Board of Education and P&M Associates to Direct  an HIV awareness film that was the recipient of the Truth Awards for Best Film in Chicago. Currently, Adedapo runs his own production company, Three A’s Productions, LLC.

Renouncing Angelica

"Renouncing Angelica"

Drew hesitates to donate bone marrow to his ex-fiancée because he is upset with her infidelity.

Temi Ojo - Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
Temi originally came to California from Nigeria to study Electrical Engineering as a 15-year old college freshman. With his degree, he worked in Silicon Valley as a semiconductor product engineer for over 7 years before his life changed at the sight of his newborn nephew. He chose to quit corporate life, return to graduate school and pursue his passions in film. He has since written, produced and directed numerous powerful projects including A Bad Thing, The Will of the Father and Habitual Aggression. He earned his MFA in Motion Picture & Television concurrently with an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and is currently developing his first feature film titled Seedless.

Joy In The Morning

"Joy In The Morning"

Nikki Hughes is unhappy, but can’t seem to walk away from her adulterous affair with her neighbor. Shea has scheduled a life changing appointment for her and man. Her plans are side tracked when her Sister Sasha shows up with her 10 year old Autistic niece Joy. 

Gina Atwater- Writer/Producer/Director
Gina Atwater is a writer/director and current M.F.A. candidate in Film at Columbia University in New York City.  She has worked as a production assistant and interned at both Turner Classic Movies and Allied Advertising, where she marketed films for Sony Pictures.  Gina has written and/or directed three short films that have screened at numerous festivals around the country: No, Really ... I’m Happy for You, Couples Only, and Joy in the Morning, which was a finalist for Best Student Film at the Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival and winner of the HBO Student Film Competition at the Savannah Film Festival.  Joy in the Morning is currently playing on as part of the Lens on Talent program.  Gina’s latest film, Crossing, will debut in New York City in April of 2011.



A coming-of-age tale about a young girl’s unusual babysitting experience, and the unexpected life lesson she learns along the way.

Doug Conant, Director-Co-Writer
In 2005, Conant wrote and directed the short film “Broken,” which garnered much attention and praise for its delicate, honest treatment of rape survivors and counselors. It is currently used as a teaching and therapy tool at various crisis centers throughout the United States. So far, “Sleeping” has shined worldwide on the festival circuit, being honored the winner of several "Best" international awards -- including Best Film and Best Director at the prestigious EuroShorts Film Festival and Audience Choice for Best Short Film at the Soul4Reel Film Festival, among others. He is currently in development on the feature adaptation of the novel The Music Lesson, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year by Katharine Weber


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