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Kontrolled - 12:00
Where There’s Smoke - 3:09
You Gotta Dance - 46:00
High Water - 21:15
Easy Made Hard - 12:21
Break - 12:13
Armed with a Heart - 20:00

- Locations and Start Time -
Fairbanks Theater - Sat. 11 -5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Chaplin Theater - Sun. 12 - 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.




A young girl and her mother become trapped and terrorized by a sociopathic next door neighbor and must escape before they become his next victims.

John McGill- Writer/Producer/Director
John McGill is a young filmmaker originally from Orlando Fl, where he was involved in the film community. As soon as he graduated he decided to move to Hollywood to begin a career in the film industry. McGill plans on attending UCLA’s film program so that he can grow as an artist. Currently he is studying film independently by networking with artists and working in various positions in production such as cinematography, writing, and, editing.  McGill is excited to have finished his first project Kontrolled and is already working on his next project. 

Where There's Smoke

"Where There’s Smoke"

The story takes place on several levels. The female protagonist is narrating it in the present. She is looking back over an incident in her past, and through that incident reveals yet another layer of her life. The incident is a frightening realization that the man she loved showed signs of fragility from the beginning, but she was unable or unwilling to see the signs. And the result of that ignorance made a smoldering violence erupt. What should she do? And with a child involved? A provocative cinematic exploration into the consequence of the choices we make for love.

Fay Hauser-Price - Director
Fay Hauser-Price worked in many artistic genres. Her short film Where There’s
Smoke, showed her ingenuity with the camera, and story. Fay’s 2nd short, 5150 was digitally shot. Both are garnering attention at film festivals around the world, including receiving Best Experimental Short in the VSM Festival and nominated for Best Short USA in the Swansea Bay, England Festival and airing on BET’s Lens on Talent. She directed Emerging Artist Showcase for PBS. Fay was a Producer/Writer on over 25 reality/documentary TV shows, and 26 episodes of the international jazz show Red, Hot and Cool. She recently produced the 30-minute 26-episode cabler Living With Soul. Fay is currently producing and preparing to Direct , her 1st feature film The Pregnant Detective.

You Gotta Dance

"You Gotta Dance"

Michael Daluz, a black U.S. Army Veteran and college student is nearly beaten to death by a mob of white men as he and his friends leave a local off campus bar. His act of self defense, the arrest, and imprisonment that follows will change his life forever.

Bryant K. Daluz- Writer/Producer/Director
Bryant Daluz resides in New Haven, Connecticut, where he works with kindergarten through sixth graders at Hamden Public Schools. Deluz has written novels and screenplays, and is also a songwriter and recording artist. 

High Water

"High Water"

New Orleans – In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a young man named Oscar is trapped in the attic of his flooded house. As water rises around him he panics, the fear of death looming large.  Yet in spite of the bleak situation, his mother, Edwina, sits calmly, composed in a dark corner.  She watches, seemingly unfazed. She begs Oscar to explain how such a tragic reality has occurred.  As he slides into the rising water, what unfolds is Oscar’s story, a series of agonizing memories and bittersweet moments. Unable to escape, awaiting salvation, he faces his own demons and the ghosts of his past.

Lloyd Clark- Writer/Director
Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lloyd Clark, got hooked on visual storytelling after making a two-minute 8 mm short in college, and has been actively pursuing a career behind the camera ever since. He recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Television Production. He’s written, directed and produced several short film and video projects, which are currently on the festival circuit. Professionally he’s worked at numerous entertainment venues including Sony Pictures Entertainment, DZN, the Design Group, Paramount Home Video and Rat Entertainment.

Easy Made Hard

"Easy Made Hard"

Tyrone Brown is the proud of a long and brutal rap sheet.  He takes his final refuge in his Father’s house but, his final visit spells tragedy from the beginning…the question is: whose tragedy will it be? Participants in the film include Rhonnie Washington, Lloyd Roberson II, Chipego Miluv Calebra Brown, Inglish Amore Hills, and Gianna Kiah Ross. 

Elizabeth Appell- Writer/Producer
Elizabeth Appell is an award winning novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. Several of her screenplays have been optioned, and her play Confessions of a Catholic Child premiered in 2007 in Los Angeles. Her play Moon Walker was showcased in Los Angeles with James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as the main character. In 2008, she was a semi-finalist in the Eugene O’Neill playwright’s Conference. Several of her short stories have been published in literary journals. Her newest play is Reflecting Incidents.

Delphine Suter – Director
Delphine Suter’s short film Destiny’s Design was nominated for the ASC Conrad L. Hall Heritage award. Her short film, Eyes of a Child won her the 2005 Kodak Eastman Scholarship, and was screened at the 2006 Cannes Short Film Corner.



Break is a heart touching film about Rodney who has dedicated his life to working hard and chasing the American Dream, but the economy has taken its toll. Recently laid off, frustration turns into desperation. On the brink of losing everything including his family, Rodney takes to the street to find a solution. Faced with a decision that will forever change his life, Rodney finds himself standing somewhere in the valley between good and evil.  Produced by Danny Thompson

Maurice Moore- Writer/Producer/Director
Maurice Moore received his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts & Communications from Bethel College in Newton Kansas.  He has acted in the groundbreaking movie The Color Purple, Topdog/Underdog, and in several short films and commercials.  He founded REELEYES Productions, LLC where he produced the short film In One Lifetime and Mind Reader 8 in which he also starred in. He has also directed and performed in The Maid, a three (3) part short film miniseries that is being produced at F.L.O.A.T Films, which Maurice co-founded. Recently Maurice directed the award-nominated drama King Headley II, by August Wilson.

Armed With A Heart

"Armed with a Heart"

Marcelle Hathaway is a young, successful, and single business executive that refuses to spend another holiday alone. After unsuccessful attempts at dating she plans a Valentines Day dinner date with a very charming guy that woos her off her feet. Marcelle uses discretion when announcing her evening to come to her girlfriends, which raises suspicion with her overprotective best friend Kay. In this love story Marcelle embarks on a journey to connect with her soul mate. She eventually ends up on an unconventional, romantic date that is destined to test her will to Love again.

Will Horton- Director/Writer/Producer
A recent Master of Fine Arts graduate in Directing from the University of New Orleans, writer-director Will Horton has garnered both international and national awards for his body of work. His short, The Wake Up Call earned Horton a Best Film award at the Black Maria Film Festival in Berlin Germany as well as the Lumiere - Best of Louisiana Award at the New Orleans Film and Video Festival.  Horton’s documentary The Man March won the coveted CableAce award. His directing of the documentary Testimony of a Big Chief earned Horton the honor of being the youngest filmmaker to screen a film as part of an ongoing exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. 

Horton is the founder of Alexx Films, a film and video production company that has produced for TV and Film, including Harpo Productions, R.C. Cola, No Limit Records, American Cancer Society, Essence, Partners for Healthy Babies and many more.   


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