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Lets Talk about Sex TOO

A primer to the conversation on black sexuality. "Lets talk TOO" will be a much more intimate screening of documentaries that garnish the topic.

Andre LaValle - "Creating the Phantasy: The Art of LaVelle"
Mya Baker - "Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America"


Andre LaValle - Director/Photographer
With over 15 years experience as a comedian, illustrator, writer, graphic artist, and photographer, Chicago native Andre LaVelle has come a long way toward creative expression. While in high school, the self-taught photographer began his career as an illustrator with Imua Design, a Chicago adveristing company. After studying such photography masters as Gordon Parks, Herb Ritts, and Albert Watson, Andre LaVelle has developed a unique and personal style all his own. His photographic artistry acknowledges the untapped riches of ethnic sensuality and beauty. Andre LaVelle continues to evolve as an artisan by incorporating his appreciation for the human form and his ability to capture artistic expression with his camera lens. The opportunities to create films represent another opportunity for LaVelle to share his craftsmanship with the art community.

"Creating the Phantasy: The Art of LaVelle"
Creating the Phantasy is a natural and candid view into a series of photo-shoots that depict the beauty and intimacy of black love and sensuality. Narratives and commentary by photographer and filmmaker, Andre LaVelle and the men and women who bare their bodies and share their responses to this highly evocative process. This unique documentary stirs the imagination, stimulates, and arouses the senses. It is a catalyst for our own analysis of our views on sex and sexuality, relationships, romance, and black eroticism.

Mya Baker - Director/Writer
Mya Baker is a young filmmaker born and raised in Chi-town. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she came to be around people of like mind in the independent film industry. Graduating from Columbia College of Chicago in 1995 with a concentration in film studies gave her the writing and production skills needed to pursue her passion as an independent filmmaker.
From working as a PA on several independent films and interning, she decided to venture into her own project. After two years of groundbreaking interviews and obtaining historical information, she has just finished her documentary entitled, ‘Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America.’ This documentary has already received a Telly Award for 2004 and has been making noise at various film festivals.
Her first documentary short, ‘Warrior Queens’ was shown in 1994 at the Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago. Mya B. also writes poetry and is well rounded with her knowledge of music. She hopes to incorporate this knowledge of music into her future productions by working with hip-hop producers on film scores for her next projects.

"Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America"

Silence: In search of… explores the reasons for sexual silence in the black community with historical facts and testimonies that dates back to slavery and the myths that were created about black women from slavery, the Jim Crow era, and up to now.
In this documentary, fifteen black women in Chicago from all ages, backgrounds, and professions speak out for the very first time about their sexual wants, needs, and desires, aiming to clarify these sexual misconceptions and reveal the truth about their sexuality ‘in their own words’.
In the age of misogynist hip-hop, as black women are portrayed as “freaks”, Mya B. sets to destroy the present sexual myths about black women. Among those interviewed, Little X and Nzingha Stewart, two well-known black music video directors, speak out about working within the realms of the music video industry and the societal impact of the ‘video hoe’ images.
Mixed with melancholic music, film clips, and hard hitting interviews from everyday people, professors, and music video directors, this film takes us on a journey into American history, unveiling the hidden skeletons that lie deep in the bedrooms of many slave owners.

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