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Festival Coordinator - Ralph Scott
When Ralph Scott chose to go into show business, he didn't realize he eventually would have to CREATE the show. When asked about his career choice, “Directing? yes… writing? maybe… producing? eventually... but first I have to pave a way for what I consider the ‘under-represented’ market”. Says Scott an independent film promoter who is developing a unique concept in niche' market film screenings and events. “Indie House!” A home for independent, foreign and Art house films.

By day, a program director for a non-profit filmmakers organization. For close to 10 years, Ralph has screened hundreds of films all over the country for numerous conventions, special promotional screenings and film festivals for various companies and organizations.

By night, he is working to bring alternative entertainment to a more diverse spectrum of a developed artist community with foreign films and true art-house movies.

“Yeah, Indie House, Independent, foreign and art-house films" he continues... "A place where true film lovers can see quality films on the big screen at a hip/cool location. My passion has always been about good story telling and ‘Indie House’ will provide a venue for many diverse stories to be told. There are many under-represented markets to explore; many diverse niche’ markets.”

There is no doubt that once Ralph conquers one city, and proves that there are “dollars in diversity…”; he will soon include other cities and possibly the world.

In addition to his Indie House concept, Scott plans to develop an alliance of independent film distributors and exhibitors across the country.

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