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"Other people can't do it, we have to do it, and we all have a role to play in breaking the chain ofviolence in our community. What can you do today to make this happen?"

Sandra Evers-Manly
Founder and President, BHERC

The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) seeks to use the power of the media to address the issue of gang violence in the community. Proposals are now being accepted to produce media projects that fulfill this goal.



Gang violence is a dominant issue with many facets, including psychological and generational violence, peer pressure, rehabilitation, communication and current legislation. It includes the role played by the media, the judicial system, and the role and responsibility of the community. BHERC also wants to show the good news -- programs that work, violence perpetrators who have transformed their lives, and communities or individuals experimenting with pro-peace options.

Your project should explore causes and emphasize solutions. Set a clear, defined goal for what you want your media project to do: i.e., offer a solution, stimulate dialog, lead an action, document an event, affect legislation, affirm change.

Identify your audience. It's very easy to "sing to the choir." How will your project actually reach the minds of perpetrators or policy makers in order to effect change? BHERC is particularly interested in addressing our youth.

Numerous agencies and organizations in the community are already addressing gang violence issues. Is your Project one that might serve the needs, or supplement the programs, of one of these groups?


1. The following formats will be considered: Narrative Short, Documentary Short, Animation, Music Video, Radio PSA (single or series).

2. The maximum completed length for shorts is 30 min. PSA's must be broadcast quality and adhere to broadcast timing requirements for :10, :15, :20 or :30 second spots. BHERC will assist PSA projects with placement on broadcast entities.

3. BHERC will fund Narrative and Documentary shorts and Animation projects for up to $20,000 (twenty thousand) dollars, Music Videos for up to $10,000 (ten thousand) dollars, and Radio PSA projects for up to $5,000 (five thousand) dollars. BHERC will not cover expenses for equipment purchases, organization memberships, publications, professional classes or long distance travel.

4. The Project Director is responsible for obtaining appropriate releases from individuals and organizations interviewed or represented on camera, location filming, and for materials used, including visuals, music and acquired footage. BHERC must be indemnified in any release connected with this grant.

5. We want to make the projects available to the communities they are designed for as quickly as possible. When planning your project, consider production elements that will allow a short production time.

6. Final delivery of video projects will be in Beta SP.

7. BHERC retains the right of final approval of the content and quality of the Project.


Ownership of the completed Project shall belong to the Black Hollywood Education and
Resource Center (BHERC).

BHERC is covering the production funds required, as per your submitted budget, to create and complete the Project. Any funds generated from the distribution of the project will be returned to the BHERC Fights Back With Film Media Project.


Applicants for this Grant must be a resident of Southern California.

Applications are due by Wednesday, October 13, 2004. Finalists will have a meeting with the BHERC team. Selected Projects will be identified in two rounds. The first round will be announced in November, at BHERC's African-American Film Marketplace and S. E. Manly Short Film Showcase (Los Angeles).

A BHERC "crew member" will be assigned to each Project to provide oversight, and to allow immediate communication between the Project Director and BHERC. A delivery time-line will be mutually determined by BHERC and the Project Director.

The Project Director will be asked to sign two legal agreements. The first is a CONTRACT that includes the terms of production, delivery, ownership, etc. The second is a MEDIA GRANT SUBMISSION RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT that protects BHERC from potential lawsuits regarding creative ideas submitted by applicants, and must be notarized and included with your application. Scripts or synopsis submitted without the Submission Agreement will not be read or considered for funding. Filmmakers under age 21 must have parental consent in writing.


Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, October 13, 2004.

1. BHERC Application cover sheet. (One page)

2. Notarized copy of the BHERC Fights Back With Media Grant Submission Release and Indemnification Agreement. (Be sure to keep a copy for yourself)

3. For shorts: a full script or a 1 to 2 page treatment. However, if you are not submitting a work sample, then a full script is required.

For Music Videos and PSA's: a full script.

4. Key Crew production credit summaries. Maximum one page.

5. Production Budget. Your budget should include all facets of production, including Delivery on Beta SP. The Project must be completed with BHERC funds only. Indicate clearly where in-kind services are confirmed.

6. Work sample of a previous work by the Project Director and/or key production team members. (Optional, except for shorts submissions that do not include a full script.) Samples may be submitted on VHS, Beta SP, DVD or CD.

7. Self-addressed, stamped envelope, only if you want your work sample returned.

Applications should be mailed to:
1875 Century Park East #600, Los Angeles, CA 90067

No walk-ins accepted.

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